Is Success in Sales Coming Fast Enough for You?

Problem: Paul was an average performer in his company and marveled at the incomes and status of the top performers.   He had been to a few one-day seminars and read a book on motivation but it didn’t seem to be working fast enough for him and his motivation was decreasing.  He complained frequently and was thinking about moving on to a better opportunity so he could make more money.

Analysis: There is a lot of pressure today to get results quickly.   The media publishes stories regularly of people who became “overnight successes” without paying their dues like most people.  People become programmed to think that if they are not one of the overnight successes they are experiencing failure.  The truth is that overnight successes are very, very rare—which is one reason why they become newsworthy.  These stories create unrealistic expectations and cause anxieties that hinder progress.  As a result, people “give up” or “move on” when a more focused effort and greater conviction could help them break through to a higher level.

Solution: There is no such thing as instant success in selling and/or growing a business.  Achieving excellence is an ongoing process.   It starts with a desire to accomplish something significant and demands patience during the process.  You should create a picture or written description to remind yourself regularly of what your goals are and your plans to achieve them.  If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Now comes the hard part.  You develop true conviction not only by thinking about what you want, but also by taking action toward it.   Accept the reality that you will have to do things that are uncomfortable, tolerating failures on the road to success and using them as positive learning experiences.  Understand that successful people are constantly pursuing knowledge.  Begin a program of learning cutting-edge selling strategies and tactics that will give you an edge on your competition.  Associate with positive people and engage a coach to guide your progress.  Constantly reinforce what you learn by practicing and repeating the key skills until they are second nature and you don’t have to think about doing them.

Commit yourself to success and do what it takes to get there.  Be a winner, not a whiner.

Good Selling!