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How To Get a Stalled Proposal Moving

SQC smallProblem:  Casey had made a presentation to a large shipyard that had been awarded the contract to build one of the Navy’s newest amphibious ships.  This was an important deal for his company, a seven-figure sale over the next two years.  Casey knew that he was the front-runner and, if the company did not accept his proposal, another six months would be wasted because the engineering drawings would have to be revised.  He knew that this presented an unacceptable situation for the shipyard.  Nevertheless, the buyer was stalling him on making a decision.  Casey had tried everything to get them to make a move, but to no avail.  And to make matters worse, he was getting the feeling that if he continued to be assertive in pushing for a decision, he might hurt the rapport that he’d worked so hard to establish.  Have you ever been in this position? read more

Hearing “NO” From Prospects is a Good Thing

SQC smallProblem:  One of the most common requests we get is for time management training.  It seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day for most salespeople.  Companies spend big bucks for smart phones and other electronic devices so salespeople can stay in touch and on customer relations management programs to make them more efficient.  Training programs are conducted to help them evaluate areas where they are wasting time and provide solutions.  Yet they still have time management issues. read more

Another Bloated Pipeline

SQC smallProblem:  Roger was in a bind.  Every month his five sales people reported the “pipeline” of business that they thought would convert into sales for the next month.  He then summarized the report for the president of the company.   At the last meeting the president told him that his report was “bloated with deals that just seemed to roll over each month” and that “he’d better get it right next month, or else.” read more