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Are Some Prospecting Calls Just a Waste of Time?

SQC smallProblem:  Jenny came to sales training class one morning and asked the class to assess what had gone wrong on a sales call that she had made the week before.  She was frustrated that she had spent 45 minutes on one call with no results.  She explained the call in detail and after a short, but very focused Q & A, it was determined that the “suspect” she had spent her time with was not a good prospect after all.  Jenny reluctantly agreed, but said that this happened more than she liked, and lamented that “some prospecting calls are just a waste of time.”  With that admission, she received much sympathy from some class members who agreed with her perspective on prospecting.  Jenny admitted that her prospecting activity had declined in recent months and that she was no longer the leading salesperson in her region. read more

Be Careful, You Might Get What You Wish For!

SQC smallProblem: Every year in most major cities there is a road show consisting of prominent self-help gurus and other personalities who spend a day telling the audience how to feel good about themselves and improve their performance. Most of the people in the audience are in sales. No surprise! Sales is a tough business, rejection is commonplace, and pressure to meet quotas can be unrelenting. It’s no wonder that salespeople have attitude problems. While these events are useful in temporarily motivating attendees, what happens after the motivators leave town? After a few days, most folks are right back in the same mess as before, and little has changed. So how can we make change permanent? read more

Stump the Gatekeeper

SQC smallProblem: Sara was becoming increasingly frustrated in her efforts to reach the decision makers when she was prospecting. Time after time access was blocked by the gatekeepers and information gatherers. It often seemed like there was a conspiracy to keep her from speaking to the top-level people. She had tried various tactics, but nothing was working. Now her sales were suffering. read more

How Good Is Your Sales B.S.? (Belief System)

SQC smallProblem:  Jeremy had been selling for 15 years and was feeling a little frustrated lately.  He honestly evaluated his job in sales and figured out that there were some things about selling that he really hated.  Top on the list were: chasing prospects who don’t return calls, wasting time doing proposals and presentations for prospects who shop around, always having to work hard to convince prospects, dealing with resistance, and handling constant rejection. read more

Another Lousy Appointment

SQC smallProblem:  It was a gloomy day and had just started to rain when Rick left his second lousy appointment of the day.  “Man,” he thought to himself, “it’s pouring down rain, my car is at the other end of the parking lot, and this appointment that I drove 40 miles to see was a total waste of time.  My grandmother is a better prospect than this guy.”  He put his head down and dejectedly trudged through the rain towards his car.  On his way back to the office, he reflected on the appointments he had been on recently.  The majority of them had been similar to these two, a waste of time for the most part… nobody seemed interested in buying.  He was starting to feel like they were all bad prospects.  The gloomy day mirrored his mood perfectly.  He needed to do something quickly since his sales were starting to suffer. read more

Show Me the Money

SQC smallProblem: Why is money so difficult to discuss? Salespeople frequently hear from prospects that budget is “no problem” at the beginning of the sales call.  However, once things start to get close, the story often changes.  We’re told that we “have to sharpen our pencil,” “get more competitive,” or offer “additional discounts.”  Yet, once the sale is won, price seems to evaporate as an issue and pressure is put on the vendor to improve quality or service.  Often we hear from salespeople that money is the number one issue in getting and keeping the business.  “We need to have more competitive pricing, better discount structures or we just can’t compete.”  Sound familiar? read more

How Winning the Lottery Would Help You Sell More

SQC smallProblem: How many times have you run into a salesperson who pushes too hard, who epitomizes the pushy, aggressive stereotype that we’ve come to loathe? These folks can’t accept a “no” from a prospect and think their solution is the right thing for everybody. They generally appear desperate to make a sale and usually are. This aggressive approach works okay in a very simple transactional type of sale since we’ll sometimes buy just to avoid an argument or to get rid of the pest (oops, I mean salesperson). But in a more complex sale, this approach is fatal. read more