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Quit Focusing on Selling Products and Build Value

SQC smallThe strange thing about value is that most of us could not say what value is, but we do know it when we see it.

My sons took judo lessons when they were younger. They made it to the yellow belt level before other interests took over. After high school they took the path that most of us do by joining one health club and quitting, joining another health club and quitting, etc. They would join the club depending on what special was being offered. Then, at age 19, my youngest son was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. You have heard about the importance of exercise and eating right, but at the same time, I don’t believe any of us truly understand it until we are faced with a disease like diabetes. My son understood. He quickly adapted his diet and began to exercise. The balance of medicine, insulin, diet and exercise paid off. His diabetes was under control. read more