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The Only Sales Training You Need

SQC smallProblem:  I received a call from a salesperson pitching the idea of getting involved in an investment opportunity.I listened to what he had to say, explained why it would not be right for me, thanked him for thinking of me, and we said our goodbyes. I remember thinking as I hung up the phone, “He really doesn’t believe in what he is selling.” Upon reflection, my thought about his product not being a right fit for me was triggered by his lack of confidence. I could hear the uncertainty in his voice and in his response to my questions. read more

Selling is a Transfer of Confidence

SQC smallIt’s official. I have now turned off the radio. I gave up watching network television news last year, CNN this year and now, I have turned off the radio. Ok, to be fair, not all radio. I still enjoy the morning show hosts on the local news talk radio station and I still enjoy the classic hits of the 70’s. It’s the conservative talk show hosts that forced me to push the off button. read more

Be Careful, You Might Get What You Wish For!

SQC smallProblem: Every year in most major cities there is a road show consisting of prominent self-help gurus and other personalities who spend a day telling the audience how to feel good about themselves and improve their performance. Most of the people in the audience are in sales. No surprise! Sales is a tough business, rejection is commonplace, and pressure to meet quotas can be unrelenting. It’s no wonder that salespeople have attitude problems. While these events are useful in temporarily motivating attendees, what happens after the motivators leave town? After a few days, most folks are right back in the same mess as before, and little has changed. So how can we make change permanent? read more

How Winning the Lottery Would Help You Sell More

SQC smallProblem: How many times have you run into a salesperson who pushes too hard, who epitomizes the pushy, aggressive stereotype that we’ve come to loathe? These folks can’t accept a “no” from a prospect and think their solution is the right thing for everybody. They generally appear desperate to make a sale and usually are. This aggressive approach works okay in a very simple transactional type of sale since we’ll sometimes buy just to avoid an argument or to get rid of the pest (oops, I mean salesperson). But in a more complex sale, this approach is fatal. read more