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No Secret Formula

SQC smallProblem: Many salespeople wish there was a secret formula to prospecting successfully for new customers. We often hear salespeople moan, “If only more people would listen and talk to me. We know they would buy our service.”

Analysis: Prospects are bombarded with sales messages and buying opportunities. One recent study estimated that on average each of us is exposed to more than one thousand messages every day. Add to this the complexity and pace of business, prospects have no real way to cope but to screen out much of what they hear and see. Further, prospects buy for their own reasons and at the time that is right for them-not for your reasons or timing. read more

Be Careful, You Might Get What You Wish For!

SQC smallProblem: Every year in most major cities there is a road show consisting of prominent self-help gurus and other personalities who spend a day telling the audience how to feel good about themselves and improve their performance. Most of the people in the audience are in sales. No surprise! Sales is a tough business, rejection is commonplace, and pressure to meet quotas can be unrelenting. It’s no wonder that salespeople have attitude problems. While these events are useful in temporarily motivating attendees, what happens after the motivators leave town? After a few days, most folks are right back in the same mess as before, and little has changed. So how can we make change permanent? read more