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Breaking Your Sales Slump

Problem:  As salespeople, we sometimes struggle breaking out of our comfort zones.  You know when you should be or even need be to trying something new to get to things moving in the right direction.  Triggered by having an anemic pipeline of good opportunities we try to create sales momentum with a flurry of short-term sales activity.  If you have ever done this before, you realize that this approach rarely creates any lasting results. It is not just in our sales role where this approach does not work.  It never works in our diet program, exercise routine, or financial planning. read more

A Prospecting System that Guarantees Results!

SQC smallProblem: A large majority of salespeople struggle to get in front of enough prospects to keep their pipeline full. As a result, they feel desperate, have a difficult time dealing with rejection, and often avoid asking the tough questions to find out if they really should be spending their time with someone. This leads to a long selling cycle, inefficient time management, and ultimately, failure. read more

Another Bloated Pipeline

SQC smallProblem:  Roger was in a bind.  Every month his five sales people reported the “pipeline” of business that they thought would convert into sales for the next month.  He then summarized the report for the president of the company.   At the last meeting the president told him that his report was “bloated with deals that just seemed to roll over each month” and that “he’d better get it right next month, or else.” read more