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All-Pro or Product Peddler?

SQC smallProblem: Picture your last very important sales interview with Mr. Big — the one that potentially represented three months quota. You know the one we mean. Going into the meeting, on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate yourself on the following scale? 1 means your briefcase is full of literature to show him, and 10 means that you have planned the call well and have rehearsed the questions you will ask to help you understand the problem in a way that fits with Mr. Big’s behavioral style and frame of reference. If you scored less than an eight, your chances of a successful meeting are less than 50%. read more

The Sales Professional vs. the Professional Pretender

SQC smallProblem: Have you ever heard the term “sales profession?” How about “medical profession?” Which one do you think has the most credibility?  Admittedly I’m biased; I am a “professional” salesperson.  Which would the general public—the people who are our prospective buyers—give the most credibility to as a real profession? My guess is medicine. read more

Is Success in Sales Coming Fast Enough for You?

Problem: Paul was an average performer in his company and marveled at the incomes and status of the top performers.   He had been to a few one-day seminars and read a book on motivation but it didn’t seem to be working fast enough for him and his motivation was decreasing.  He complained frequently and was thinking about moving on to a better opportunity so he could make more money. read more